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Chocolate Outerwrap

Mono and laminated metalized films with full or registered pattern cold seal coating.


Thickness / gsm
From 55 gsm


Film Width
50 - 850 mm


Core Inner Diameter
70, 76, & 120 mm


Outer Diameter
200 - 850 mm


Core Type
Paper or PVC


Shelf Life
6 months shelf life stored in a cool & dry area


Main Features

Excellent aroma and light barrier properties

Excellent sealing properties

Excellent tearing properties


High quality nitrocellulose based ink used for printing (rotogravure or flexo technology)


Very high speed performance


Type of Lamination
Solvent base / less lamination process
Adhesive lamination


Cold Seal
Registered option base on customer requirement

This product is produced by INDEVCO Group and Napco manufacturing plants.

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